Cerrillos Road, 2217 - Santa Fe Car Center

2500 Camino Entrada - Units A and B
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  • James F. Wheeler (505) 470-8081
    License #18725


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(6) Self-Serve Bays
(2) Drive-through washes
(2) 1-bedroom apartment

  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Multi Vent Machine
  • 10 Towel Vent Machines
  • 10 Credit Card swipe machines
  • A 5,000 gallon water reclaim system
  • 32 Chanel DVR System, 26 with Cameras
    Private water well/30,000 gallons per month
  • Large lighted sign out front on Cerrillos Road
  • Shop with tools, equipment, water and electric

(Income and Expense numbers available upon request)

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