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George Jimenez


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George Jimenez, Agent/Broker

George Jimenez is a native Santa Fean, intrinsically familiar with the local community and surrounding areas.

With several degrees in Business, Mr. Jimenez has owned and operated a retail store, “Allegro Music Inc.” for twenty years, providing instruments and services to the Santa Fe community and all of Northern New Mexico. He has developed a large clientele base and has a great reputation for offering excellent service. His ability to make negotiations work for all the parties involved has created a demand for his services.

Mr. Jimenez has been both a Developer and Landlord, performing real estate functions for himself and his family for more than thirty years. He has been a Real Estate Broker since 2005, specializing in commercial properties, offering diversified services to Buyers, Investors, Sellers, Landlords and Tenants in such areas as Retail, Office, Warehouse and Land.


Licensed to practice Real Estate in New Mexico


English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent)


All Property types

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